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Nyloxin™ Testimonial – “The Bottom Line is it Works for Me”


Today we interviewed Harold O., an active 77-year-old man from Hallandale, FL, who suffers from knee and leg pain.

What is the nature of your pain?

My left knee joint was hurting, and the pain continued down the front of my shin.

For how long did you have this pain before using Nyloxin™?

I was in pain for 4 months before I learned about Nyloxin.

How often did you feel pain in your knee?

All the time – even when I was sitting or lying down.

Do you know what is causing the pain in your knee?

I’ve been told it is some form of arthritis, as the cartilage is wearing down. But the muscles below the knee also ache. I’m not sure why.

Initially, what medications did you take to easy your chronic pain?

At first I just suffered in silence, but after about two months, I just couldn’t stand the pain any longer. I started to take Ibuprofen twice daily, but I just wasn’t comfortable using it long term.

When did you start taking Nyloxin™ for your knee and leg pain?

I started to take it just over three months ago.

How often do you take it?

Initially I used the gel three times per day, but after about a month, I only needed to use it once a day. That’s where I’m at now.

How is the Nyloxin™ working for you?

I’m pain-free 90% of the time now. I seem to start to ache now only when I do a lot of walking. I also sleep with my leg elevated, and that seems to help as well. I no longer use Ibuprofen even when the occasional pain returns. I just rest and use more Nyloxin™. It really works.

Have you experienced any side effects from using Nyloxin™?

None whatsoever.

How would you describe Nyloxin™ to another person with chronic pain who is unfamiliar with this product?

I would tell them that the cobra venom formula eliminates my pain for long periods of time. It’s really quite amazing. It’s not expensive, and I have had no side effects. The bottom line is that it works for me. Go ahead and try it; you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.


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