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Nutra Pharma Introduces Nyloxin™ Military Strength

Nutra Pharma is introducing a stronger version of its over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever, Nyloxin™, and has begun the process of registration with the United States government for sales into the military.

Coral Springs, FL. – December 19, 2012 – Nutra Pharma Corp. (OTCBB: NPHC), a biotechnology company that is developing treatments for Adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN), HIV and Multiple Sclerosis (MS), has announced today that it will be introducing a stronger version of its over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever, Nyloxin™. The new product will be called Nyloxin™ Military Strength.

Over the past few years, the U.S. Department of Defense has been reporting an increase in the use and abuse of prescription medications, particularly opiates. In 2009, close to 3.8 million prescriptions for pain relievers were written in the military. This staggering number was more than a 400% increase from the number of prescriptions written in the military in 2001. But prescription drugs are not the only issue. The most common and seemingly harmless way to treat pain is with non steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). But there are risks. Overuse can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, heartburn, ulcers and internal bleeding. In severe cases chest pain, heart failure, kidney dysfunction and life-threatening allergic reactions can occur. It is reported that approximately 7,600 people in America die from NSAID use and some 78,000 are hospitalized.

Ibuprofen, also an NSAID has been of particular concern in the military. The terms “Ranger Candy” and “Military Candy” refer to the service men and women who are said to use 800mg doses of Ibuprofen to control their pain. But when taking anti-inflammatory Ibuprofen in high doses for chronic pain, there is potential for critical health risks; abuse can lead to serious stomach problems, internal bleeding and even kidney failure. There are significantly greater health risks when abuse of this drug is combined with alcohol intake.

“Our hope is that with Nyloxin, we can greatly reduce the instances of opiate abuse and overuse of NSAIDS in high risk groups like the US military,” said Rik J Deitsch, Chairman and CEO of Nutra Pharma Corporation. “Our goal for Nyloxin over the next several years is to be the number one choice that people turn to for chronic pain relief,” he concluded.

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